About me


My name is Ludovic and I'm a french Game Designer. I hold both a bachelor's and master's degree from the ICAN (Institut de Création et d'Animation Numérique) school in Paris, France. I currently work as a Narrative System Designer for Ubisoft Paris in Montreuil, France.

If I am a Game Designer by passion and profession, I'm also a rather good programmer, able to prototype games by myself (mostly use Unity these days). I am also a little of a musician and the legend says I even draw/model some props once in a while.

I have a particular interest in Procedural Storytelling, and wrote my master's thesis on the subject. You can download it here if you want (in french).

My interests goes from gaming (of course) especially indie games to ecology, computer science, artificial intelligence and even gardening (ask me about permaculture).

I'm currently open to new job opportunities. You can contact me by mail or by LinkedIn.

Contact me

(+33) 6 33 07 09 23